Ana Picazzo

After an inspiring talk with Andrea from DearMilano, I heard about the Into The Industry workshop taking place in NYC this summer. I want to go to the #ITISummerEdition because there's no better way to learn about the industry than from 5 different experts in each field (Dear Milano is one of them) + it's in the big apple. Isn't it a dream? I want to be able to improve in every way possible and apply that to my daily life and of course my blog. The fashion industry is changing fast and knowing how everything works is a must. As a marketing student, I know that knowledge is everywhere, but opportunities like this only happen once in a lifetime.

About the picture: 

It's hard to pick only one thing that inspires me, because I strongly believe that inspiration is everywhere, so in this picture I combined a notebook that my sister gave to me as a gift, it always reminds me of where I want to be and all the things I want to be able to achieve one day.

The magazine represents fashion, my love for writing, marketing and expressing myself through letters, pictures, colors and clothes, finally I have always thought that other people are one of the strongest sources of inspiration, since there's a whole story behind every individual that we don't know about.