Evelyn Gomez

It was very difficult for me to choose just one thing that inspires me because it is the set of them what motivates me on a daily basis, by one side "the family" it was my sister who inspired me the love for fashion since I was a little girl . A fashion designer who because of  couldn't find her way into the industry, can not do what she really loves. She is one of the people who most inspires me and encourages me every day.

I grew up believing that the fashion industry was a something far away . Something that I could only see in magazines, and a girl like me, from a small town in Argentina could never even make a step into the fashion world. 

Were the fashion bloggers who made me understand that with effort and passion everything is possible. I put Andy specifically, because I feel that she was the one who most influenced me , with her unique style and multicolor hair, she was who made me find the courage to really be myself. 

"Music" Music is something that moves me every day, inspires me in so many ways...I could not live without music. 

And finally New York City, a city I visit only four days many years ago, but It's still stamped in my mind and in my heart. As imponent as it is,is one of the few places where I feel like home. And above all, hope to return to that place that I love is something that inspires me every day to keep going and not give up.

So when I say to go to the workshop is one of my biggest dreams,so simple and cliché as it sounds, means the world to me.