Denisse Villa

Last workshop, my cousin Sofia Herrera invited me to go with her, I was super excited about it, but for economic reasons couldn’t attend, then I heard this competition and I'm super excited and full of hope, I know this is my chance to go the workshop.

Since I was a little girl I want to be a fashion designer and it is something I will achieve, Currently I am a fashion design student, and I 'm working hard to get where I want, and I know that this workshop will give me the tools to move forward with it. Learning from people with experience in the fashion industry will help me get closer to dream, my goal. You start from somewhere and I believe the best way is to start is going to this workshop , because Ill gain so much experience from people who are in front of me with so many knowledge about the fashion industry and the workshop would a HUGE step towards my future in the career that I love, Fashion Design. On the other hand, New York has always been on my bucket list, and what better way to go than going to a fashion workshop with into the industry. I would be honored to be part of the third generation of into the industry.

"Fashion is like music, we all have to make our own tune." -Karl Lagerfeld.