Melinda Cofield

Reason for entering contest:

Abby Calla Style is an attitude. The look is fun, fresh, playful but with equal amounts retro and modern with a twist of punk. Lately, I have been incorporating influences from the art world into my designs. I enjoy using pattern combinations and fabric cuts to showcase what I want to emphasize. When I style, people mention that they would have never thought it would work or go together. So I guess I like the element of surprise. One of the most difficult and challenging roles of being lead designer is I never have enough time for my ideas. I do all this in my spare time when I am not teaching mathematics. Geometry and art really do influence my designs. I really want to learn as much as I can and the business side of fashion.

I want to revolutionize the fashion world with my unique perspective in design, self taught and influenced by artists in different fields including acting, music, painters, mathematicians. I have taught myself to sew and style only since 2014.